EduFlip Training

Training and empowering teachers with EdTech

What we offer

High quality training and Professional development for your Organisation or School. As experienced trainers and teachers ourselves, we ensure that all our workshops are focused on Pedagogy, good practice and added value for the Students.

As Certified Trainers, we are uniquely qualified to help you and your organisation make the transition to G Suite. Our training covers a variety of different Cloud services and together we will develop the right training program for your Organisation or school.

G Suite Admin Training

Moving your school or organisation to the CLOUD can be a daunting task. However with the right training and knowledgeable Admins this will be a move you will never regret. We work with your Admins and ensure they understand the ins and outs of the G Suite Admin Console and are confident in their understanding of its security settings. If you choose, this can include preparing them for the Google Certified Admin Exam.

Professional Development on the use of Educational Technology Workshop

Aimed specifically at schools, we work with you and your staff to deliver training based on Pedagogy first, in order to improve student learning and learning outcomes. This training takes is an up to date look at the use of educational technology and its value in the classroom. As full time teachers ourselves we have thoroughly tested everything we use and always approach our training starting from research and pedagogy. THE RIGHT TOOL FOR EACH OBJECTIVE


We offer four types of Consultancy:

  • One-Off: One-off visit with leadership and/or Admin Staff to support your Plans for the school.
  • Online support: An agreed number of online meetings/Webinars for Admin/Staff or Management to work on a specific need
  • Partner/Friend: An agreed number of visits with the opportunity for you to stay in touch via email/classroom/social media to help realise your organisation's or school's vision.
  • Part of Your Team: Same as above but for the duration of the entire Academic year with a sequence of visits, working closely with leadership, admins and teachers to help realise your school's vision. (Change Management and School Development implementation) This could include Admin support off site, Guiding your teachers to become Google Certified and working towards the E Safety Common Sense Certified School recognition.

School INSET day

Full Day or Two-Day

  • These INSET Day trainings include various session on a range of educational tools. These can be focused on All Staff, Leadership teams, Admin staff or Classroom Teachers.

“These sessions were fantastic.”

Nicole S. / ICT Teacher - Regents International School Thailand

“I will definitely try out some of the apps and tools discussed in these workshops! Thanks!”

J J Michael / IT Coordinator, Maths Teacher

“The workshop on Flipped Learning exceeded my expectations!”

Naomi H. / Primary School Teacher - International School Chiang Mai

“This workshop really helped me to use Google docs better! Very impressive!!!”

Sam L. / Teacher - Anglo Singapore International School

“This is a great workshop. Speakers are very eager to share a lot of info. However, 1 day is not enough. I wish we could extend it more. ”

Sheryl J. / Elementary School Teacher - Saint John Mary International School